Game starts with really high and stable framerate but after I get into stage 1 of any game or in invasion within 20 seconds the framerate drops to 8.

This is one really bad problem, doesn’t matter what card I use; can be AMD / ATI, Intel integrated graphics, or Nvidia, matters not the edition 32 straight or PAE or 64 bit kernels, matters not the distribution I use nor the version, nor the graphics drivers I use, it’s all the same thing in Linux. A sudden drop in framerate that was doing so well about 20 seconds into gameplay and it’s so severe and fast I got motion sickeness and had to leave the battle (unfortunately).


Tested this on all my platforms from before, all kernels, all distributions I use and cards.



Tell me what logs you want and I’ll upload them here.


I hope nobody else suffers from this problem because you’ll have a lot of sick players on your hands, if this is true.

Do you have problems when your mouse is moving? I had a similar problem, and it only happened when I moved my mouse.

Do you have problems when your mouse is moving? I had a similar problem, and it only happened when I moved my mouse.

I honestly can’t tell if that’s the problem because I am flying a covert ops or interceptor and flying a full speed, will have to try that with a slower ship and see if that happens again if I move my mouse. Thanks for the idea!


I should note I noticed this, just last patch, before it was working just fine.

Here is an update, it only happens in actual 3-D space, when it’s at the selection screen just before you launch into battle and during the stage introduction screen, happens in tournament, too, apparently, it’s perfectly fine and stable (it comes back up from plummeting framerates, goes back up to the 60 fps I set and is in the green. I’ve done framerate limiting, nothing helps it, all graphics items are on low now, same problem. Even dropped the resolution down to 1024x768 from 1920x1080 and still the same problem.


Moving the mouse or not moving it made no difference in and out of battle. There was another patch this morning that didn’t fix my problem, let me know if the devs want the game.log and the net logs to go with it. The one thing I did notice is the last patch doesn’t allow the framerate plummet to hit 10 fps or lower it hits 18 minimum, still enough to make you sick though.

Yes, please make a proper bug report concerning your issue.


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