Game spontaneously switching keyboard layout

Game  spontaneously switching keyboard layout  (i use two SK/EN)  same OpenSUSE,Debian,CentOS,Arch,manjaro… 

Always after few second. 

There is a shortcut to change the layout and I think it may involve the Alt key (at least in Windows). I just turned off the layout I don’t use but it may be harder if you need two. Not sure if it is similar in Linux

I can choose any shortuct if i want, but that not help. In old KDE4  was option to  hard set layout for specific aplication(permanently) but in KDE5 is only  global option for switching like Desktop/Aplication/Monitor/Acitivy…

I use shortcut for diseable   switching keyboard option (run automaticali with game as command)  but fix this bug will by better  for everyone.

It usually involves pressing the combination of keys that is assigned as a shortcut to change keyboard layout in your desktop environment. Unfortunately this is not a game specific option. Usual solution is just to disable layout switching (like you did) or disable all layouts in your DE except the one you are using.