Game related questions

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Q: Which ports need to be opened?
    A: Take a look [here.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18801-system-requirements/)

  • Q: How can I sell my Ships?
    A: Ships cannot be sold.

  • Q: How can I change my name?
    A: To change your Name, right click on it in the Hangar and select “Change player name”.Be careful as choosing a new name   can only be done once for free. Every subsequent attempt will cost some Galactic Standards!Any offensive names can lead to ban or edition by a GM.

  • Q: What is Synergy/Ship Level?
    A: Through killing enemies, assisting the process or completing objectives, you will earn ship experience. This experience increases your Ship Level and with each Level, you get additional bonuses

  • Q: Which weapons should I install on my interceptor\fighter\frigate?

  • Q: How does every game mode work?
    A: Please have a look [here.](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/111-game-mode-discussion/)

  • Q: Can I use the ships of other Factions?
    A: Yes, if you reached the required Rank in the Faction you will be able to use its Ships.

  • Q: How can I change my Faction?
    A: You can change your Sub-Faction and Race addiction in the Contracts tab as soon as you reach rank 2 in any Faction.
    If you want to change your main Faction, you need to buy the Forged ID in the Warehouse in the Office tab. (requires some Galactic Standards)

  • Q: If I change the side of the conflict, are my implants still going to work?

  • Q: What influences does my main Faction have?
    A: Each main Faction got its own bonus. These bonuses are decent, so no matter what Faction you select
    you will be able to unlock each Weapon/Module/Ship of that Faction.

  • Q: Are Premium Items better than normal Items?
    A: No, they are equal with MkIII (blue) Equipment. You can purchase them if your Faction rank meets the requirement.

  • Q: Do Premium ships have an advantage over normal ships?
    A: No, they only have maxed synergy upon purchase. They only differ to fill the assinged Ship Role. Steam Ships do have an advantage. They have more modabilty than usual.

  • Q: Which faction ship is better?

  • Q: What is the Diffrence in between the Factions of a Race?
    A: They offer diffrent Contracts, Ship variations and Equipment.

  • Q: Why cant I fit Equipment I can buy in the Warehouse?
    A: Your Ship is only able to carry the same Tech Level the Item has.

  • Q: Can i trade Items with other Players?
    A: No this is not possible.

  • Q: What is the Ship Role? What does it?
    A: The Ship Role gives Bonuses on on Modules. E.g. more Range or reduced Cooldown. You can see it by pressing shift upon hovering over the Ship Icon in Shiptree or Hangar.

  • Q: Will I lose my Reputation or XP if I change my Faction/Race?
    A: No, you can freely change to any other Faction and ceep the Rank. Remember you are a mercenary!