game randomly changes keyboard language

so I play on PC keyboard for Croatian, everything works fine everywhere except in star conflict

when I play game, game changes keyboard on English and it becomes qwerty and I can’t write normally or anything else cause keys are way to different from PC-Croatian 

when I try to solve that problem with log out and login it doesn’t work, I need to close whole client and open it again, and 1 more thing my keyboard language doesn’t change when I alt + tab screen to check if it changed outside of game, it just changes ingame

made ticket they told me to make bug report here


This happens because you have set your windows to change the keyboard layout on Alt + Shift. Whenever you use this combination to strafe and boost, it will change your language.

I have only 1 language installed on my laptop so your answer is invalid, it doesn’t have any other language to change on it

today I noticed even worse problem keys change not to qwerty they change on rows for example w is on place of y and a is on place of q, shift isn’t working, ship is moving like I have pressed w but I didn’t hold any button something is seriously wrong with game I can’t play it like this, in 90% of battles I lose control of my ship and I can’t move or I move and can’t slow ship to aim on something 

and btw checked my language change keys are disabled anyway

I had this problem at the start, and it was caused by Alt+Shift like Error says. I changed that and I haven’t had any problems since! I’m not sure what your problem is though, if you say you have checked the change language key combination.

I have only 1 language installed on my laptop

Therefore you have two keyboard layouts: English and PC-Croatian. Keys Alt+Shift is switch between this layouts.