game name/account name/profile name issues

Hello thanks for creating this nice game. To help you out I’d like to report issues I encountered while getting into this game.


    • When registering I used the link to use facebook information to create account info. All went well until I entered the game and saw that the profile name was my facebook name (real name in real life). When I changed it on the website it never changed in the game… changing nickname and other info on site had no effect whatever on in-game profile naming. My real name was always being shown and this is not good. There should be a mechanism to change profiles or delete profiles, not have information that is buried somewhere in confusing database that players cannot control being used to display private info in public game.


  1. Deleting profile/account was unsuccessful, as a record of email address was being kept secret even after profile was deleted (supposedly).


  1. No longer able to play this game because the profile that was deleted was not deleted and now the email address was unuseable. Only way to get private info off public game screen was to create new account using different email address and be careful NOT TO USE facebook or other service to provide info because the game will never let it go and players cannot stop this unless they stop playing or create new account using new email address. Only people that keep extra email addresses around to use normally are cheaters and other troublemakers, it is just making normal players go away and keeping troublemakers to play the game.