Game lessons with "Igromania"!



Hello! Today we’re going to speak about five best gunship fighters in the game. Our list will include one gunship from ranks 1 to 6, one from ranks 7 to 9, one from 10 to 12 and another one from ranks 13 to 15. Phew. The list will also include the best premium gunship fighter.


What’s important is that it’s not a top five per se. Every machine that we mention is the best in its own rank group, not the best ever. We also do not speak about custom ships because these little birds are too damn customizable to judge them properly.


Star Conflict Team

Not talking about custom ships because these are too bad err… i mean customizable, to include them on this list.


Low rank: Joker: DLC… Mhhhh! (Btw… Wolf was shownin the clip…)

Lower midrank: Achilles: Focus on speed!  (Yeah… that’s a terrible idea… don’t waste any cap slots on that)

Midrank: Castor is the best gunship, because it can fit a module that behaves like a recon inteceptor.

High rank: Well actually all of them are good. But Lightbringer is totally devastating with an ions build (Fails to mention the Ion champoin, only to mention it after the next ship)

Premiums: Stingray lul, because deimos engine AND other modifiers!

Oh yeah, by the way… Spark!


This list was so damn lazy and wierd… i can’t even…