Game lessons with "Igromania"! The Best Recons



Hello! This is Star Conflict and today we’re going to speak about five best Recon interceptors in the game. Our list will include one recon from ranks 1 to 5, one from ranks 7 to 9, one from 10 to 13 and another one from ranks 13 to 15. Phew, that’s a lot of numbers. The list will also include the best premium recon interceptor — as usual.


Keep in mind that it’s not a top five. Every machine that we mention is the best in its own rank group, not the best ever. We also won’t speak about custom ships because these little birds are way too customizable to judge them objectively.


Star Conflict Team

This video makes no sense since.
Maybe the devs forgot to tell you there is no rank any more in pvp.

All ships magically becomes a stock rank17 ship. unless you got better.

So is this video for “Best recons for pve and vs AI”?
Because its no point in comparing them in aspect of pvp.