Game lessons with "Igromania"! Executor and Boremys



Hello! This is Star Conflict, and today we’ll talk about two brand new premium ships of Jericho and Federation. We’ll take a look at their unique modules and weapons, and, of course, we’ll tell you how to get your hands on these beauties.




Star Conflict Team

1:49: keep in mind, when the devs launch this update and cut premium ships down to 1 unique module, you will only get to pick ONE of these modules
because the devs want to balance other premium ships, all ships must suffer, when it would be easier to make the modules currently seen as “unbalanced” cost more than 1 of the 3 uniques…

never let it be said that the devs did anything logical

37 minutes ago, Zombie_Hunter003 said:

never let it be said that the devs did anything logical

I agree. This game shouldn’t event exist. Creating a game that behind arcade shooter is a pretty good tactical riddle is illogical from the target group point of view. It should be plain and simple, so most people that don’t use their brains will understand it. No BS like “team play”, “roles” or “unique modules”. People don’t want that. People want  a game with simple “pew pew” and forum so they can whine somewhere how the game is bad.

That won’t apply to premiums with their own unique modules.

Interesting how the lesson said the ships can be obtained via events, when the events have already ended long ago.



Okay, can’t fault the guy. The footage is probably from before. Probably when Boremys was first released, since the spec module description in the video has not been updated.


Still, the unique ship modifiers were missed out. The engine on Boremys and can’t remember which one it was on Executor