Game Is Locked -up

The game locked up in crimson haze…we are stuck …there are no turrets activating…can not shoot…can not activate mod’s…can only fly…there are no bots/cargo ships. Exited Battle and now locked in red in hanger…can not go to another battle.

That looks like a server issue. You lost connection to server. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do.

I imagine this, the enormous lag and even the game timer counting backwards, is an indication that something is very much wrong, with the servers this evening…  :fed014:


oh, and thanks for your incite to his problem, Capt.Obvious… Do you have to comment on every topic, cause it seems to me, you love to give your opinion, even when your opinion is not useful or just plain wrong !

Someone needs a Snickers…


Locking the thread since this was indeed a temporary server issue.