Game froze my entire computer - unresponsive (reset was necessary)

1.) Played a few Custom matches with Nightmare8182, to test various T5 builds against Mauler. Wakizashi AE in Recon mode vs. Mauler. 1 vs. 1.

     Battle screen was shown upon victorious match in Recon mode. Countdown 5…1… then Done, which ends the match. Before, or when I clicked on it, my computer became unresponsive and keyboard as well.

2.) I expected normal operation of the game and my system.

3.) Normal, as always.

4.) I think that I have encounter a very rare bug, which causes computer to become completely unresponsive. It was not my GPU driver or overheat issue. My computer is clean and fans are working within optimal

     parameters. Temperature in all shown components was also fine and my computer do not use much resources to run this game. Graphical settings are all maxed out, with 8x and 16x settings enabled.

     Soundtrack (music) was still running in the background, but once soundtrack ended, it did not repeat.

5.) Extremely rare. In the past, exact issue happened when I tried to warp, while being attack by Biomorphs. Second one, when I crashed at 700m/s at Defiler in Invasion and got hit at the same time, etc.

6.) Logs will be provided below. No crash logs or dumps of any kind, not even from Windows are present. My system only detected an unexpected shutdown of system at 17:14:14, but I waited for 3 minutes,

     before I resetted my computer by choice. Possible PC issue, but I detected no disturbances of any kind, outside of Star Conflict. HDD is fine, RAM is fine. CPU and GPU is fine. No dust or ventilation issues.

7.) Issue occurred Between 17:10 and 17:15 or so, (GMT +1) Slovenia. I resetted my computer at 17:14:04, so this exact issue had to occur around 17:07 to 17:14 (5pm).

8.) DxDiag is provided. 

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


6.) Logs: Check timed events between 17:05 to 17:14, just in case. 


I am aware that this could be PC issue, but my system is in top shape and I believe that it is most likely, that the game caused this issue, for some unknown reason.

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