Game.exe detected containing virus



after the latest verision update F-Secure detects game.exe as containing a trojan!


Message: Malicious code found in file C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Conflict\game.exe.

Infection: Win32.XPaj.D.2



Hoping it’s a false positive but?

after re downloading the patch for the 5th or 6th time no more popup for virus. you really need to get rid of this P2P exe sharing thing …

I download it through steam, do you use steam?

AFAIK it is a false positive. As for removing the P2P, I do believe that doing so would do more harm than good, as it helps to spread the network demand of each patch over a greater area, generally meaning that you can download it faster than from a single dedicated location (unless someone pays an arm and a leg for a server(s) with massive bandwidth).


As always, anything that an Admin or Dev says is going to be more accurate than me, so listen to what they say.

Due to the way F-Prot detects viruses it is common to get false positives. A few other antiviruses have the same issue. I would recommend Avast or Security Essentials for a windows based OS.


I am posting this as a conformation to MrTwiddlez post. For anyone viewing this post with any concerns.


Part of my job is reporting new viruses to update databases. As in I get paid money to report them.

I have not found viruses contained within any start conflict’s files.

It’s a false positive.