Game Crashes on Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Unregularely crashes during matches or when starting/ending.

Problem started some months ago - when the first rank 16/17s were invented.

Sometimes after the crashes my FPS ingame decrease to 30-40.

First log says out of memory at the end!

Thanks for your help, if you need more information pls tell me :slight_smile:



We gonna to try to fix 0097515

I think the last update gave more crashing issues to Linux version ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

Still getting a lot of crashes on a start of a mission, more frequently on OpenSpace


Edit: After changing the textures from High to Medium, the crashes didn’t occurred, at least until now, I will test it in next days, but the with the previous update it didn’t matter if I changed the texture quality.

I had to change the graphics details to lowest on Linux, because the game stared to crash on Linux (Mint Linux 64 bit) ~2 years ago.

The first time it was after purchasing the Black Ghost DLC (this ship has some additional effects).

With the lowest details set on this game is stable on Linux, but the performance in inferior in comparison to Windows version. The frame rate is 3-4 smaller and there is no fluency in rendering, but some kind of jumping, so to compete with other players in PvP, Portals is very difficult and in Conquest almost impossible.