Game crashes before fight

Hello. Is this happening to anyone else? I can connect to the steam server and the game actually begins.  Get on a mission and wait for queque, but once the pre fight blue screen comes up the games crashes. My star conflict auto updated with a 150mb patch minutes ago, wonder if its the reason. I was flying fine yesterday night.


64 bit Ubuntu 13.10, AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics × 2, Gallium 0.4 on AMD ARUBA

UPDATE. On the ingame chat I found 4 more linux users having problems with the game right after the queque, at the beggining of the preflight countdown. Another user reported this to the programmers and supposedly they are working on it.  I just tried to play again but still getting kicked in the preflight countdown.  Hope they get it right soon

Hi marioangler.


Same issue here. I have ubuntu linux.

If I join a PvP, It crashes on countown. It crashes on some PvE too.

I’m on ubuntu x64 with proprietary nvidia drivers and have this issue too.

It only happens when entering the launch screen for rank 4-6 pvp, not 1-3 and not pve.

Reinstalled it through steam but it still happens.