Game Crashes 100% of the time when trying to see special modules on ships with seed chips in PvE



After completing a PvE mission (doesn’t matter which), after the trophy search, when i go to pilots to see what ships they used, if i mouse over them and press ALT and they have   Seed Chips installed the game will 100% crash.

The crash happens only at the end of the mission.

During the mission and at the start you will not crash

my friend in the 1st video had

Spectre Falcon:  WITH seed chips: ->Storm chip of might 10
                                                    ->Hurricane chip of fission 13

                                                    ->Striking chip of indigo 7

                                                    ->Deadly chip of severity 7

in the 2nd video he had

Machete S:  WITHOUT  seed chips


I had no seed chips installed on any of my ships, and when he tested it on his end he said he had no issue seeing the special module of my ship but he also crashed when he tried on someone else.

I don’t think this affects PvA.I.


Video 1: (full mission video, you can skip to the end to see the crash)

Video 2: (only the final score screen showing how you can view special modules on ships without seed chips installed)

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Try now, after today’s update

The issue is solved, thank you ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)