Game crashed again in Open Space - Ellydium Theta Station

Bug report: (Open Space - stability issue - sudden crash)


  • I invited a friend (niripas) into the group.

  • Then I undocked near Ellydium Theta Station gates.

  • My friend was also about to appear, but there was a huge lag spike. (happens every time, if somebody enters a sector or undocks)

  • There was like 10-15 second hang. Game crashed, then.

  • I sent you the report via (S)Targem application.


Did you receive my crash report?


All information regarding the crash are in the logs. Game probably crashed around 12:15.


Exception logs:



Targem logs:


Bugreport recieved and will be analyzed

2 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Bugreport recieved and will be analyzed

Thank you. I hope that you fix this bug. Crashing in Open Space, especially if grouped, is now way more frequent.