game crash at wastes

i have tried to zone into wastes many times now and all of them resulted in the game crashing, a few times it crashed zoning and a few times it took a min or two to crash after zoning. 

I went from Collapsed Laboratory to Wastes in Empire.

Less than 1 minute in there, where I’ve obtained a blueprint for T5 mark V Ion Emitter, my screen started to twinkle with some random gibberish numbers and some colors, like in those old games…

I pressed F12 almost immediately, so I could take the screenshot with Steam’s interface, but I was already too late.

My 3rd crash total now!


1st one: When I wanted to warp to Ontregos Drift and when I did the game hang out on me completely, but the music was still running.


Check the following maps: Warden’s Outposts, Collapsed Laboratory and especially WASTES!


One other thing:


HASS is angry now.




HASS is at peace now.