Game crached when loading level rank 5 with wazgot

Bug report:


  • Game crashed a couple of times when loading co-op level rank 5 with wazgot.

  • most levels load, except 1 (don’t know which one, game crashed at that moment)


-according to logs a system out of memory error (I have 32 gigs of system ram + 2gb video ram)


Exception log: 



FATAL| ===!!! Out of system memory !!!===

Most probably you use 32 bit OS. Game request 64 bit OS.

I have 64 bit windows 10


I shall experiment with graphic settings (very high settings are on) and screen modes


Any program that is 64 bit will not even start if the OS is not 64 bit so it can’t be that.


Out of System Memory is likely you have graphics settings WAY too high, bad RAM in slots or GPU. It could also be Malware/Virus.


You should run a malware check and check memory on both your RAM and GPU RAM.


Check that you are getting enough power as well.


Run a disk check as well. If you haven’t reinstalled windows since it was released, it may be time to do so. Back up all your data and do a clean install. Everybody should do that every few years. It will give a massive performance boost and those junk files that build over time disappear. No program can clean as well as a reinstall.

21 hours ago, BulletSpeed said:

I have 64 bit windows 10


Attach your DxDiag file please