Game controls suddenly changes

While playing my controls suddenly changes normaly i  strafe  with A and D , move forward and backward with W and S and roll with Q and E.While playing theese controlls suddenly changes   for exmaple the thruster key /shift doesnt work), i cant accelerate forwards , strafe and roll keys gets mseed up it makes me roll with D and Q and strafe with A and E which gets confusing please help me about this bug

I think Windows is switching your keyboard language due to a specific key combination that you key in while playing. Try this: (for windows 7)


Click Start

Type " intl.cpl" into the search box and press enter

Click Change Keyboards (in the Keyboards and Languages tab )

Click Advanced Key Settings

Check the key combinations for changing the keyboard, and deactivate them or modify them to a key combination that you will not use while playing Star Conflict.


Source: It happened to me before

Note: if you are not on windows 7, then try and google your problem to find the correct path, or search around in the Control Panel yourself.

the quickest fix is to remove the other language while you intend to play star conflict, and then put it back in once you’re done. 

It’s the way with the least problems. 

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