Game client file save

So as I just installed the game and launched it via “Star Conflict Launcher” I noticed it takes me quite a while to download this one :008j: . But that is not the case :blink:. You see it would be really helpful if you installed such feature as saving the downloaded files, because when my internet connection was lost or I just turned off the client, because I had to, and came back to return the download, it said that the files were corrupted or smth and I had to go through the whole download process again, well actually I still am as I am writing this. So yes, that is my suggestion - to make downloaded files NOT delete/corrupt themselves, or in other words - make it so, that the client would continue downloading, from where it left off the last time.

Thank you :wink: .

For me the client is saved. When I restartd the download it checkes the files and goes on downloading.

Well I have downloaded the game already, but before that, when I restarted it, it popped up this window saying that some files are corrupted and there was a list of corrupted files below. So I pressed OK and then they asked me if i want to again download new files. And since the old ones were corrupted, I had to download again if i wanted to play the game.

I got the same messages, but it just continued downloading from the last point.

i download game starter and nothing i try launch but nothing

Could you message me with more details so I can help you to find a soulution.

This is third time I’m trying to download the client… :frowning: If the download is closed (connection lost), after the launcher is started again it asks if you want to the file check. If you answer No, download not started. If you answer yes, it says that some files are corrupted and propose to download the correct versions. If you answer no → nothing happens, download is not started. So you need to press Yes → the download begins from 0! Aaahhhh… It’s so frustrating. Correct me I’m wrong the launcher implements some kind of P2P protocol (torrent?), so why the hell the resume part is not working?