Game Changers - Low Impact Quarantine Fun

Sup all, iAardvark here. I am making this thread for anyone who has LOW IMPACT ideas that could nudge people in quarantine to stay/play Star Conflict again. The devs just released the 1.6.9 Scylla and Paper Conflict patch…but based on players input it’s not that desirable. What LOW IMPACT and easy to implement ideas would make our time with SC during this quarantine more desirable? This is not a “balance” or adjustment thread…its just for quick easy things the devs can do to gain and keep players.


Heres a few of my thoughts:


  • Temporarily Remove Ship Repair Costs - This would open a bottleneck whereas people who are low on $$ do not want to run their beast ships because of repair costs. This would allow a bit more fun in regards to OS, Free Hunter, etc, and give more room for people to upgrade their gear during this time. Shaving 100k (or more) a match in repairs? Sign me up. Feasibility: shim repair cost fn() with override for passed ship hp var and/or returned total cost


  • Change Happy Hour PVP GS into 24/7 PVP GS - Sockets of hours miss tons of players. And people get bored when sockets of hours end. So the happy hour gives you 3 GS for winning PVP. Why not change that to all day long so everyone can enjoy it no matter where they are quarantined? All day PVP matches, with chance of GS? Sign me up. Feasibility: adjust passed start and end time variables of happy hour fn() to equal nearly a day (adjust to nearest fn() accuracy, hopefully its to the second ;))))


  • Bring Back the Last Xeno Event for Round 2 - This low reward event (like 14 xeno max/per) was a long term 24/7 event that allowed people to buy premium ships with some work doing quests. It would take a couple weeks for the average player to get even the first couple, giving the hardcore quarantiners a way to justify their time spent in SC. Finally have the time to earn that Patriarch? Sign me up. Feasibility: I’m guessing this is a package included in base that one simply turns on either with a config, or a build param.


Looking forward to more LOW IMPACT and easy to implement thoughts for the SC devs to consider!

Agreed 100%!