Game Bug! Invisible Bombs!

Since I see no specific section for game play bugs, which is of course ridiculous, here it is.



I was just in a 1 vs 1 with 2 bots per person on Bomb PvP, and suddenly both bombs became invisible to me, but not the other player, which meant all I could do is search around for them as I lost!


Not happy!   :angry:

Not a bug, they were out of sensor range

No they weren’t. I was approaching one and it was visible and then it disappeared, and the player that had the other one was invisible as well, all the way to my station.

Yeah, if someone picks it up and they are out of your sensor range, then the bomb is invisible

Not both bombs at the same time, when if you read what I said, one was not that far in front of me and then just disappeared.

Hmmm, that part is a bug. Thats rather nasty

I thought this was resolved.


Did the enemy hide behind terrain? Terrain also includes the stations, fyi. Terrain tends to block your sensors, too.

Please post a detailled report with game logs.