Galactic Standards Missing

I have had this happen twice now in the last 2 months. Over 700 gold has gone. I do not have any premium mods, weapons or ammo.


I have not bought any mods or licence. 


Has this happened to anyone else?

please don’t create [duplicate threads](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23155-galactic-standards-missing/), in particular after I already told you what to do in your other one.

HI, I was only following your advice. I couldnt find the one you said and this was the closet one i could find.


Im only trying to find out why over 700 Gold has been removed from my account. As this is a worry as if someones hacked my account they have all my access to personal information like bank details.


Im sorry if this is the wrong place again, please could you send me a link as i want this resolved


Many Thanks




Yeah the support link is pretty well hidden: :crazy:


SCNR, good luck getting your issue resolved.

Please contact the support.