Galactic Standards for all your achievements!


Pilots! Congratulations on successfully repelling the Alien attack. The enemy has retreated, this is our first big victory! In honour of these brave efforts we would like to reward every one of our pilots. 


From this point on, all achievements will be rewarded with Galactic Standards. This system will persist in the future. We will pay this new wage for all the achievements you earn in battles and expeditions. 


In addition, in honour of the first victory over the Aliens, Centre decided to further reward all distinguished pilots and issue Galactic Standards not only for the future ones, but also for all the achievements you already got — from the very beginning of the game! 


You will find your prizes for the achievements in the game mail very soon. Please note that this special offer is limited! You’ll be able to receive a reward for past services only this weekend. Launch the game often and always check for new messages! 


The enemy is not defeated. It’s still cunning and very dangerous. We won the first battle, but the war is not over, so we still need your help. This is just the beginning!


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