Gaijin Forum Guidelines - Draft

Gaijin Forum Guidelines:

Gaijin Entertainment forums are a place where people can interact and have discussions about several different topics.

However, we ask that follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums have some productive conversation.

These rules and guidelines are enforced by administrators and moderators, and at their discretion, may delete posts without

warning that do not comply with the forum guidelines

Forum help and advice structure:

Officer: An officer is a moderator of the forums, and they should be contacted first if you have a complaint or require game assistance, or general forum help.

Officers are selected members of the community who have extensive knowledge of the game, and are willing to help you solve your problems, any issue that an

Officer can not deal with, will be escalated to the Global Moderator.

Global Moderator: A Global Moderator, is the most senior Moderator on the forums, they will help solve issue that have been escalated by an Officer, or deal with more complex

issues, that an Officer can not deal with. Global Moderators will escalate an issue to an Administrator if he/she feels it is necessary

Administrator : An Administrator is the highest level of control on the entire forums, and must not be contacted directly, unless you have been specifically requested to do so by_,_

an Officer, Global Moderator or another Administrator.

Registered User requirements:

It is the responsibility of all registered users to Gaijin Entertainment forums to read and understand the following Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Eula, failure to comply may result in your forum usage and access being suspended or terminated.

Terms and conditions

Privacy Policy


Forum Punishment Guidelines:

The Administrator, Global Moderator or forum Officers, decide on a punishment level for the violation of any of the Forum Rules_. These range from simple forum warnings, being Suspended, temporary bans, permanent bans. Punishments may include removal of earned ranks, Reputation and possibly extending to in-game warnings and suspensions_

Forum Rules:

Do not:

  • insult members or forum staff

  • start or participate in flame wars

  • post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc. ) in the forum’s public spaces

  • derail a topic with off topic discussions - start a new topic in the apporiate section

  • reanimate (bump) topics without good reason

  • start the same topic in various sections of the forum unless you have a good reason

  • engage in moderating unless you’re entitled to it - use the reporting function to report rules violations

  • use multiple accounts on this forum - if you want to start a new one ask the adminstrator to delete the old one first

  • share your account with anyone else - every user has to have their own account

  • spam

  • use links in your signature which lead to objectionable content and/or to unrelated commercial and/or private sites

  • openly argue with a site’s moderator or adminstrator or complain about their actions - send a Private Message

  • publicly post Private Message content without the expressed permission of the sender

  • Starting posts that could humiliate or publicly shame other members

Strictly Off Limits Topics and Discussions, including posting links:

  • Porn and other socially unsuitable and objectionable content

  • Piracy and willful copyright infringements

  • Cheating or Hacking guides

  • any kind of serious threats or harassment

  • Racism and any form of discrimination

  • Swearing, cursing and use of foul language

  • Promotion of criminal activities, drugs and abusive use of alcohol

  • any form of political or religious discussions suitable to cause dissent

  • for all of the above, this even applies to jokes

  • Posting links to outside commercial or private community sites without express permission

Crime and Punishment:

Think about, your access to these forums and voice chat ingame is a “privilege,

Couldn’t be fairer. Good set of rules.


agree, very good.covers all possibilities as far as I can tell.

Good stuff Mac,

i think currently we got some issues with some new beta testers. The tone is getting rougher, we should point ppl onto these rules from time to time

made some slight changes, anyone with anything else to add, i would be grateful

Good Stuff, its very important that we will judge bad bahaviour with the same set of rules! Guess the majority (99,5%) of customers will love it, the Trolls and morons might not! There is nothing more worse speaking not with one voice! We Mods should be seen thight by the playerbase!