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Pilots! A Jericho Artificial intelligence has developed a special tool that allows you to predict the future Those who want to know what to expect in the coming year need only move their mouse cursor over the image. Experience the new Jericho tech and share your results on our official Website!


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Star Conflict team

She said stranger will come to me and implant something into my head…


Must be “Mind Controller to buy new P2W ship”

AI told me that the devs will release those promised free presets very soon…  ![:010j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/010j.png “:010j:”)

SC is still old good Star Conflict?

I do not think so!

Maybe an easier way of leveling up ships would be very nice like lets not make it so that ranking up a ship from 1 to 10 takes like a day… urgh… the torture. And whatever happened to the pilgrim? I dont see it in the ship tree anywhere.

6 hours ago, LYoshiiro said:

And whatever happened to the pilgrim?

Probably Murdering Aliens after eating all their Alien’s Corns and Alien’s Turkeys?

I just hope that the phantom can launch an attack UAV. It really looks silly not to use missile weapons. Why reduce the number of special modules for Gold Coin spacecraft? This increases the strength of the debris spacecraft a lot.

It may not be the old SC, but it’s still good.

I predict the Devs will actually listen to their fans about balance issues… Wishful thinking I know but it could happen XD

There are lots of hypotheses. We don’t know anything for sure. Lots of my friends on top1apk ( not actually a community, we just share some experiences) the furute, but we still have to wait and see what really happens.