Funny bug with condensing crystal

i just noticed that in pve, happen while having a condensing crystal user in my teamscreenshot-170629-220252.jpg.69904f576a6c74293094fb666a5c518f.jpg

as you see, i able to see condensing healing sphere while using a lrf, that not supposed to happen if we read the special module description



i can also heal myself with it.

easy to reproduce just bring a thar’ga with condensing equip and a 100% human made ship


I don’t know about further details but I guess it happen when a thar’ga is on friendly side


Time zone: UTC+1


Please, use standard form


This bug is funny, don’t fix it. Stealing Thar’ga healing is good idea.

3 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Please, use standard form