Fuel system

Currently the refueling system requires you to eject fuel in order to refill your tank. Which i find rather annoying and illogical. If the fuel is already in my ship’s cargo i should not have to eject it and pick it up again in order to refuel.

So i suggest the fueling system be reworked.

  1. A number should be added to the Fuel Cells in the lower part of their icon, to show how much fuel is left in that cell. (marked in red)

  2. Fuel cells would automatically refill your tanks at a rate of 1% per second. ( or slower/faster)

everything else generally remains the same. and or…

  1. Every ship should be given an addition Cargo Slot dedicated to fuel. (we can call it the Fuel Reserve Slot). Any Fuel Cells picked up will automatically go into the Fuel Reserve Slot, Unless it is already loaded with a Fuel Cell. When the Fuel Cell in the Fuel Reserve Slot runs empty a Fuel Cell from cargo is automatically loaded into it.

  2. Perhaps add an option to pre-buy a Fuel Cell for the Fuel Reserve Slot from the hangar.



I like the idea of fuel slots and automatic fueling. Brilliant.

thanks :slight_smile:

LOL I totally agree… 


  I remember the first time out in Invasion for me my esteemed squadmates were tellling me to use the drones to transfer the loot back.  Well I did everything they told me to do… moved right on up there next to the drone… waited for the X to start transfering…   it NEVER worked… finally after about 4 attempts…   they asked me to dump\eject  everything I had out…  so I did…  . as i emptied out everything you should have seen the chat box as they commented on my DERPNESS    I had NOTHING but fuel cells.   … :01414:


anyway lessons leaned…  don’t hoard fuel cells as they take up space so that you cannot pick up other valuable items.  :00555:       

Lets hope they fix this current fuel system soon

bump, im sick of having to eject fuel… and pick it up to refuel

bump, im sick of having to eject fuel… and pick it up to refuel



Ugh… KFC biscuits and bacon… Ohhhhjjjjjjjjj…

yea great idea, frigates shuld also have more fuel slots, they lose fuel same fast as interceptors  that doesnt make sense they are huge ships


Fuel’s mainly used by jump gates.  It’s a low concern outside of gates.  I actually have to remind myself to get fuel instead of ignore it.  I haven’t spent enough time begging for fuel to remember its importance.

You will hate it when you are being chased by bios + pirates. You are focused on dodging shots and you forget you have no fuel.