fuel cell glitched inside Guard Outpost in Jericho - Iridium Strand

Bug report:


I cannot collect a fuel cell, since I can’t target it for a scan, so I collect it in Jericho Space - Iridium Strand location.

I was expecting no problems to collect this fuel cell, but you can see, that it’s glitched from inside out, so you can’t target it and to collect it.

This outpost was the only one with a fuel cell. I didn’t find any more fuel cells, nor any destroyed convoys with fuel cells. I was unable to warp and I had to use a Duplicator to dock at my base.






Thank you, Skula1975

will be fixed

will be fixed

The issue still exists.

New screenshot needed

New screenshot needed



Update: No longer needed. Issue is fixed!  :01212: