Fuel cell bomb

I got the idea that what if the fuel cells could explode. I think it would be fun having this option of making some extra damage. Maybe not heavy damage but enough for a little chaos. A huge flash following the explosion could even make ships in close range blind/paralyzed for a moment.


One way of detonating a cell could be simply by shooting at it. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good idea if the first shot would make it go off. With a damage indicator it would be the same as any other destroyable object.


The other way could be by emergency dropping a fuel cell from the cargo bay. After a few seconds the cell would detonate creating fear and loathing in space. :) The more fuel a cell has the more damage and flash it could make.       

Yus. Yus. Yus. Make it happen!

No thanks, I don’t want my fuel supply blowing up in my face!!

double thread - similar idea already suggested and forwarded


[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/25243-nukes-emp-shockwave/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25243-nukes-emp-shockwave/)

This… Is not a nuke.

They meant “shoot at fuel to make it explode”, not “make nukes useful…”

fear and loathing in space

i really hope that was a quote to a certain film


this is also a pretty cool idea, like guerilla mines

I really don’t see exploding fuel having a positive impact on the game. At best it’ll be frustrating when you accidentally shoot fuel you need; at worst, people will grief with it.

Sure I was referring to the movie. :) 

Thank you all for the comments.

Sure I was referring to the movie. :) 

you have good taste in movies.


“We can’t stop here! This is bat country!” Film_175w_FearLoathing_original.jpg


Thank you all for the comments.

Np, it’s a good idea, but might cause griefing. I like the idea of having a sorta guerilla mine to deploy though, makes open world “free roam” a bit more “free” and realistic… next step, remove speed limits! (laws of physics must be obeyed)