Frigball Conflict 3: ECM Boogaloo

We all knew this was going to happen eventually



You mean the return of the frigballs? 

Yea, the feeling of their return is actually manifesting  :sad:

It is strong but a random team can still break a ball - even organized ones. but fail team will always be fail team so I’ve been in a couple of matches where it felt like you couldn’t much because half the team never encountered one before and didn’t know the ‘rules’. Otherwise Gunship + Inty + Jerry LRF can do alot to break it up.

Also note that anyone not in a frig is ECM (left side of screen and yours truly). The thread was more of a joke (it was 3v3), until I got into a more massive game later that day, where the enemy side had 6-7 frigates and at least 3 ECM, didn’t make a screenshot though.

I know, the ECM, Guard, Engy Squads are the most viable ones at the moment. 

In bigger games I noticed a trend to frigballing. I guess its not possible to make all roles equally in terms of usefulness. 

All of the ships are more counters to others or team supports instead of standing on their own.  Small matches make it harder to balance against your opponent.  Is your team really going to suicide to swap out ships?  What if somehow no one has a gunship or ECM to help counter a frig ball?

I didnt noticed frigballs so far, now are ECM balls