Frigate Sniper Mode range limitation?

Im not sure if anyone had this too but if i mount the beam guns and go sniper mode with my frig i cant hit targets around 10km of range or above. Even if i use the range mod for them. The icons are slithly highlited so i can see the target is in range, but i deal no dmg at all. Especially the “Military Long-range Laser” has this problem. If i mount the rails its not a problem to hit targets within 17km or more. It would also be quite nice to have the exact multyplier for the weapons if you go snipermode.

I believe it is x2 for every weapon.

I believe it is x2 for every weapon.

military long range laser normal range is over 9k something & sniper mode give 10k- for every weapon?

then I dunno ^^ ask Error. he might know sumthing about that.

Here, Look at this >>>

Yeah i read the thread and in know this issue of other games but if i shot at a player frig at 10 km or above i deal no dmg and the targed doesnt move at all. Thats the strange thing. There is also no impact animation if i fire on asteroids on the same range. Thats why i think it could be a bug with the lasers.

Maybe someone calculated the range for long range lasers? 9.5km normal, doubled in snipermode and also range mod of 42%? It should be round about 26km. Try to hit something on this distance. A second zoom level could be quite handy here. ^^

But its also extremely difficult to hit targets with laser anyway. It feels like you need to aim for one pixel of your screen and even this is often not accurate enough.

A mod or an advanced frigate could have that ability. Good idea :slight_smile:

i cant hit someone at 10km too

not sure… im trying sniper mode with T1 plasma, and it give me 4k+ range, 6k+ with T1 Railgun and of course T1 laser is around 9k

need try higher ship with better weapon… but my rank still crawling so darn slow like snails…

i can’t really hit targets over 10km. probably relates to draw distance - having lasers travel over the entire map seems a little bit too… traceable

well… actually you can… but this the main problem…

It feels like you need to aim for one pixel of your screen and even this is often not accurate enough.

over 10k range more like trying hit a single tiny dots, and with that far… slightly miss in your screen is big gap miss at your target…

dunno if we need auto-aim for the sniping mode… kinda sounds unfair to frigate and interceptors…

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