Frigate Sniper mode bug

so i go in sniper mode with frigate and start shooting enemy ships but some times i see the ships like they are out of range even at below 10000m away … someone was at 4k from me and i saw his ship like it was out of range … could not lock him either … the good thing with sniper thou is u can still see the ship and i could shoot and do dmg

so its just a little visual glitch … its easy fixed by going out of sniper for a bit and back on … still even with the exit sniper go back on fix its still a bug and i would prefer to not have to do that if not attacked by someone at close range or having to get better line of sight on ships

Thanks for your report this issue is already reported and we hope to fix it in the near future.

Frig has the smalles rada range ingame. Something around 3.5km with my t2+. You need the help of intcerptor or other ships to get 10km radar or bigger. Int has something about 8km. I guess thats what you meant. You can see the ship but cant lock it and its not highlighted either.

I’d say is more closely related to radar view range. you basically can see players outside of radar range just fine, although it won’t be able to lock on and you’ll have to lead manually.

a more subtle example of this is the afterburner trails left by an interceptor who just warped out of radar range, which can be seen further than 15km

This should be fixed now, if not can someone please report it.