Frigate module : Pulsar

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Browsed forums and didn’t notice it mentioned everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s a bug but it has zero logic. So I want to make it clear if it’s meant to be like that or not.


Once Enemy Frigate module Pulsar is activated and if you are in range it damages your ship through obstacles no matter how thick they are ( asteroids, walls…etc…). I’ve noticed Jericho guided torpedos doing blast damage through obstacles aswell, but that might be somewhat ok.

You’re right about the effects, it does dmg in all the area within range, doesn’t matter in there is LOS or not, obstacle or not.

Might wanna check out this area :smiley:

If a Pulsar is sort of an ‘EMP’ charge, I can see it doing damage in the area, regardless of obstacles.  Guided missiles maybe a little from explosion…but then again this is space and physics are whacked.