Frigat power patch

Am i the only one thin king the frigats are to tuff, comparred to the damage they deal.


I mainly think about the guard ships and engineirs. especially the jerico guards.


They have soooooo much shield and hull. they have so much to amplify that, and to top it all off, they have damages. Lots of damages.


To me, its to much comparred to the other ships.


Im used to fly tacklers and command ships. And ecm ships.


But as it seems right now, i cant kill anyone or anything anymore at tech 3+


This might sound like rage, but honestly, its not enjoyable that some ships seem so overwhelmingly useless comparred to others.

… did you read the 0.8.0u1 patch notes yet?

… did you read the 0.8.0u1 patch notes yet?

I gues not… Glad they do something about it.