Fresh meat to recruit


I’m new to this game.

Quite successful career in games like: WoT (abandoned), War Thunder (inactive atm, but i love it), Planetside 2 (alive and kicking), and others Free to play /Free to Pay/ Pay to Win Games.


Looking for an Empire Corp.

I can understand, write and speak basic english, but i prefer a Corp that keeps the chan clear and to play the game, because when people start speaking fast about stuff not related to the game i get bored.


Hope someone is interested in adding a good, silent and efficent soldier to their ranks.


See ya among the stars!

Try the [Wolfpack](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20139-the-wolfpack-wpk/). I’m no recruiter, but at least we’re Empire and competitive.

Tried the Wolfpack, but they look more for vets than t2.


Read your corp post.

Sounds more than fine for me.

I’ll give a deeper look soon.