Freeze Spikes /Join-in-progress issues when players join in the PvP or Open Space mode!

Bug report: (Join-in-progress or Open Space - freeze spikes)



What happened?

When you play PvP and you get one or more players to join, you can get from one to two or more seconds of freezing, your ship is locked in place, more if more players join simultaneously.



What should have happened?

When you play PvP or are you in Open Space mode, you should not detect any freeze spikes.

The most problematic is PvP. Dodging, or colliding with an obstacle, getting yourself killed, is a high probability when this happens.


The only solution to remove this problem in PvP is to either fix what’s causing it or simply remove the Join-in-progress mechanics in general. It’s more of a nuisance anyway.



Video: (Will be provided.)




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