Free roam

I’ve been hearing rumors lately that theiy’er adding free roam/ exploration to the game. Anyone got any intel?

Seems like it, in the last game update some folders were named open space and dreadnought

Really now, now thats interesting

I thought they said they had no plans to add such a feature…

As far as I am aware as of this posting, there have not been/are no plans for there to be any kind of “free roam”. It has been stated as such many times in the past.

im just anticipating dreadnoughts, oooh those will be so cool *squee*

And yet this lie has be sitting in the FAQ for since forever.


And im sure inspired alot of people to play this game and maybe even spend money on it … its possible.


_ 6. How large is the game world? _
The game currently uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Interstellar travel is planned later.

i’d love to be able to just launch into space and roam about, freelancer style.  Meeting and pvping with whoever I met or teaming up for PVE etc.

I’m waiting for even a slight preview to see how the mechanics work rather than just guessing till my arms go numb.

Necroposting is bad !


Please check the date of the last post before answering.

Thread locked due to being an old thread and due to development blog stating there working on something along the lines of a free roam. Please look it up there.