Free premium dupe

I suggest that the premium duplicator be usable in PvE as well.

Also why can’t I send cargo to base with it?

Because it’s not a premium duplicator but simply a free resurrect, so hard to understand?


It wouldn’t be a bad thing if premium ships got their free respawn in PvE like they do in OS.

Actually I would return the possibility to resurrect teammate in PvE for free. At this moment no one is using duplicators in PvE, which can lead to very frustrating situations like two  persons trying to finish the PvE, which in case of i.e. Fire Support is almost always a close fail.

Nobody resurrects randoms in PvE. They used to, but now they don’t.

This would solve lots of problems.

This idea was suggested before and I think it was suggested by you TDRF << (abbreviation for your name, mr Fox Hunter.) Anyways, and the idea of free resurrect for teammates was suggested to be brought back by several ways, including a special engineers module/drone with cooldown, buuut no replies from devs.



For me the duplicator should be removed from the game.