Fractured Space

Game is currently in alpha and have free weekend over Steam right now, developers promise that if you play this weekend you can keep the game for free.


Looks and feel like the upcoming Dreadnought game - battle between big ships over the simple map with several stations to capture.

I have already played it - very nice, but with much much slower pace than SC. Every ship role have some special ability like short range relocation or repair ally beam. Due to their size, every ship moves and rotates like galvanized Naga, but from time to time you can use Jump Drive to relocate between capturable stations. Note: you need to aim main cannons by yourself, but missiles and drones are AI based.

Game have no matchmaker, so if you have bad luck you can jump into vets battle but its not very likely yet.


Some vid:

I was testing it yesterday. It is some kind of DOTA 2 or League of legends, but with spaceships.


You have 3 lanes, several stations you have to cap to get more income, and 5 people teams with tanks, supports and carries.


Not my piece of cake.

i watched Scott Manley play it, it’s gonna take me 2hours to download but it’s worth it

I will try this game.

I play it, its really cool.

:frowning: It’s on steam

:frowning: #2 MONEY! :(((((((((

:frowning:#3 i don’t get it. It’s like the game dreadnought, but in space and slightly more “moba-like” Or like an all Empire Guard without any modules moba.

it isn’t as good as star battle on sc2 yet, but its 3d dota yay

bit annoyed, since i am working in my spare time on a similar game idea, but hey


however, the netcode needs a lot of improvement in this one, but it’s really fun to play.