Found spyware in launcher

I don;t know if this is part of the launcher or not but just thought i’d bring it up because its involved with passwords. but I was cleaning out my computer with malwarebytes and avast and stuff and found to spyware programs. both were listed as Spyware.Password.Usteal which to me doesn’t sound very friendly. Now its possible if anything that you guys at Gaijin may be using the spyware for our sake when it comes to password recovery but in case this is not part of the star conflict launcher I figured I’d mention it to

It could be a false positive ([link](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21549-getting-anti-virus-false-positive-on-game-update/)). If you are still unsure, please contact support.

Same problem here.

It is false positive alert.

You need to add launcher in your antivirus exception list.

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