Forum signatures, auto updated with ingame statistics


Not made by me, just added here for english users.

There are custom auto updated signatures that contain your current stats

Like the one I have (400x100):




And there is a standardized signature (using bit different link) with predefined backgrounds:


So how to have one of the custom signatures

  1. CUSTOM:

here is a full link you gotta fill in to generate an image

  • - permanent, don’t modify this

  • 3 - Font style, valid values 0-20

  • FF0000 - Font colour, R G B format, (000000 - Black; FFFFFF - white; FF0000 - RED and so forth)

  • MStRCbk - In order to have custom background, you have to upload it to 1st (recommend having a registered account - then storage time is unlimited, unregistered accounts will have 6 month expiry on storage). So you upload image into imgur, !!MUST BE .JPG!!, than grab a a identifier from image URL, drop the and .jpg

  • xKostyan - put your ingame name in here (CASE SENSITIVE)

  • .jpg - gotta have that for forum to understand that destination of the full URL is an imgae.


Font Styles


Can’t choose between the two :frowning:


Thanks for sharing this!!

Very appreciated, now i finally figured out how to use it!  :012j:

Added font styles table reference

Wouldn’t be the community Projects Section the correct section for this?

I Can’t create a thread in there.