Forum Avatar Bug?

Is it just me, or lately are there a lot of broken Avatars on the forum? I know for myself, once I added the free signature creator thing and saved my profile, I no longer see my Avatar. Just a missing picture placeholder.


Can anyone else confirm?

They’re probably just messing around with the file hosting system they use for the avatars.   Some people are affected, some aren’t.   I can see your avatar just fine btw.

It has been like that for me too for the whole day. I can’t see my avatar and most of others’ either  :sad:

My account lost permissions to view the entire forum, I had to contact an administrator to get back. Probably related to this. Not even going to add that the forum was in Russian, a few days ago

Definitely. Can’t see my own photo, even! And then the front page looks all wonky because the avatars are mostly gone.


hello, issue is fixed, sorry for inconvenience. 

Issue resolved. Thread locked.