'Fort-4 Launcher' unable to deal damage to 'Destroyer' in Special Operations

  1. When firing at certain objects on the ‘Destroyer’ boss in the ‘Special Operations’ mode, the Fort-4 weapon is unable to deal damage.

  2. To deal damage regardless of what spot I am firing at on objects.

  3. Firing the ‘Fort-4’ Launcher on the ‘Albireo’ ship at ‘Shield’, ‘Shell’, ‘Core’ targets on the Destroyer boss.

  4. During Special Operations the Fort-4 weapon has issues dealing damage to key targets as it seemingly can only deal damage to them by firing at very specific points on their hitbox. Some components are completely unable to be killed as a result.

  5. Often.

  6. Attached, video of second half of the battle linked.

  1. Not applicable.

  2. Not applicable, other users have been able to replicate the issue.

  3. Not applicable (I think).

  4. Not applicable.

[Fort-4_no_damage.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21706&key=36d0beb161b32c0605b8163101c54035)

Accepted as SC-116080

When firing directly forward at a target I’ve noticed that the crosshairs tend to jump around a lot. Maybe the aiming is interrupted by the little ship?

Much like this report, I can’t fire directly at a target and have to fire around them kinda.