::Forensic medicine of space - Tale of the Ghost woman::

Day 22 of the year 3056 - I wake up, dress my doctor uniform and went to my job room, on the west side of the space station.

Was supposed to be a commum day, like any other that youu just do your job, but on this day, when I asked to my assistant, the statistics of the month, I had an surprise with one number in specific!


This was the numbers: dead by enemy missile, 210; dead by carry an bomb, 33; dead on a crash 110; … self suicide 569!


How could a number increase so high from one month to another? The pilots seem to be happy, healthy and exciting for any battle, according to another report.

Immediately I started an investigation and the result was very strange.

The numbers were right, and increasing more.

One of my accessors came to me with an story of a Ghost woman from space, and of course I laugh in front of his face!


Anyway, I went to my own investigation and suddently I heard the same stories of an a Ghost woman from space!


According from what I heard, she appear in the darkness of black space, showing her beauty, and hypnotizing you, making you open the safety door of your space ship, and that happen when you are most in a weak situation, without helmet of space or in a lock chamber! Thats when you die by the frozen of the space and became more frozen than an Ice cream!


Since I’m always true with my work, I have to include this new numbers and this story on my report to my superiors, perhaps they will laugh on my face too!

Case concluded!

Nice read I guess.

why is death by missile considered as suicide ?

sometimes … we couldn’t run away fast enough :stuck_out_tongue: