forced camera zoom in hangar layout - camera zoom view very close

Bug report:


1.) Whenever I am docked in hangar, camera view forcefully zooms in very close (80-90%) to the specified ship in hangar.

2.) I had expected, that the zoom would the one I set in, and that it wouldn’t get reset each battle, or after I change my ship slot 1 (Aplha) and ship slot 4 (Delta) to view my ships only.

3.) Normal conditions. This bug can only be tested in any hangar. I know that by default, camera is neither fully zoomed in or forced out - zoomed out.

4.) By default, ship slot 1 camera zoom in issue also affects slot 2 and 3 as well as slot 4, but the  slot, in my case ship slot 1 and ship slot 4 is the trigger for this bug. 2 of 3 are not being reset with memorised camera

     zoom. However ship slot 2 and 3 resets ship slot 1 and/or 4.

     However, once slot 1 or 4 are selected, slots 2 and 3 are not affected. However, my slot 2 and 3 are not frigates. My 2nd slot features Command ship - Strong and Slot 3 features Gunship - Desert Eagle.

     I also suspect that slots might have nothing to do with it. Maybe it is all related to frigate classes only. Slots with frigates somehow reset camera zoom and it’s forced to very close view.

     1st slot is being occupied by Valor engineer frigate and 4th slot is being occupied by Anaconda-M Guard frigate. Triggered bug do not affects ship slot 2 and 3. No forceful resets in camera view.

5.) Always. Should be easy to spot and determine with a few combinations, when changing ship slots. You need to test all 4 ship slots to see what is the cause of this trigger.

6.) Screenshot is provided. It’s just forced camera zoom view by 80-90% each time. Logs are provided below.

7.) Not necessary.

8.) Not required.

9.) This bug is not connected to connection issues.

10.) This bug is not related to sector conquest.


6.) Screenshot: (2)


Immediately after logging in, when slot 1 is shown by default: (FORCED CAMERA ZOOM BUG - almost maximum zoom in)



My prefered camera zoom view (by default it’s not maxed out when you log in, but I prefer maximum zoom out view)








Thank you, Skula1975

It is not a bug

It is not a bug

It was different before the latest update version 1.1.3.

Zoom was not forced to maximum zoom, but somewhat at medium distance for all ships. Now this applies to frigates.

The problem is that even if you zoom out at max, the Blur effect of the lens is still there, so it forces me to disable the zoom blurring because it gets me sick.


I don’t understand why is that way. I can understand you changed the zoom values so now you can zoom in more than before, but please, either set up the max zoom out parameters to the previous values OR adjust the zoom blurring to the new max zoom out parameter.


We decided then cam in hangar will be updated

Issue still exists.

Turn on the DOF setting in the OPTIONS.

They will cure the blur since it activates the Depth Of Field and converts the Hanger from a 2D flat to a 3D image with depth.


Once the setting is on you can then rotate around each ship by using the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and moving the mouse.

Mice with the WHEEL can adjust the zoom in and out in the Hanger.


Hope this helps.

This issue still exists to this day.

Explain to me how problems or low graphics memory in your machine is a problem for the Developers to resolve in logic?


Hanger is just fine on my box.


Then again I have DOF turned on and my NVIDIA card tuned properly for the applications I run

Im a developer (RL) but Im not one for this game,

I play this game as a user so I see the same things you as a user see and experience.

What you are describing them to fix is not even in logic.  Its your settings and your graphics on your box which they have no control over.


I saw exactly the same thing you describe when I first started playing the game.  

But knowing the inside tech of graphics and just what DOF is and does and saw i could activate it and let the NVIDIA card deal with it I just turned it on and restarted the application.   Not every setting could be dynamic and usually Graphics settings are not, so as a practice one should always restart any application after changes to graphic settings since most are only examined at Application Initialization and not all the time.  It would be poor use of System Resources to examine and respond to a setting that rarely gets changed.   How often does a user change graphics hardware?  Set and forget, read at initialization.


Does your graphics card even support Depth?  The Application does but if your card doesn’t you will never have the feature.   See what I mean?  Its you not the game logic.  My Graphics Card supports it.  Its fine.  Nothing is bury on my box and its a laptop LCD screen or a second monitor.  Nither are blurry to me unless I go back to basic install settings and DOF is off.   Then those multilayers of textures of the Hanger can blur since 32bits cant hold color, hue, brightness AND depth…there’s not enough bits.  Depth is 64bit graphic data or 32bit x 2 … and it takes mega memory on the GPU card itself.  Thats Card memory, not your PCs memory to hold and process the graphics data.


If your card supports it and its not working.   Check your drivers.  Most GPUs have unique driver updates from the manufacture website.  Some can come from Windows Update but they are generic, not model specific and DOF is not a generic card feature.  Its specific to each card model.  Visit the manufactures site and make sure you have the latest drivers.   99% of graphic issues are cards and drivers, not application logic because the apps use high level interface calls to the drivers and if it works with one box and not another then the the other box, not the application.


And on a side note, the zoom setting you are on when you leave the Hanger is the zoom setting you will see again when you enter Hanger.  


Do this as an example…put an Interceptor in one hanger slot, a tackler in another and a frigate in the third.   Zoom in on the tiny Interceptor to see and then click on the Frigate.   Oh look at that…what a big friggn ship…one must zoom out to see it in whole after looking at the peashooter or tackler.  


The zoom factor cant read your mind as to how you like to look at your ships, it only remembers what its setting WAS, not WILL BE based on whats slotted.  

You clearly misunderstood me.


It has to do only with camera view distance, not any other graphical issue.



I have 4 ship slots.

1st slot:Naga

2nd slot:Aura

3rd slot:Spark

4th slot:Rockwell


Steps to reproduce this bug by using normal replication steps with more detailed explanation.

You can zoom out with your your mouse or key. Camera zoom will be zoomed out to maximum, if you do this. It will remain like that on every other ship.

It will remain at maximum zoom out view, until you press on a slot, which occupies any Frigate class ship (example:Naga).

However, to reproduce this effect, you need to click on any other non-frigate class, so that when you click on a Frigate again, it will be zoomed in at almost minimal range.

It will then automatically not only resume to default zoom view, but it will also bring it closer to you.



Steps to reproduce this bug: (I want to use “Simplify”! Sure, let’s make simple even more simpler.)

  • take any frigate ship and put it in any slot

  • put non-frigate ships in other slots

  • zoom out completely

  • click on any other non-frigate ship slot

  • after any non-frigate ship, click on a frigate ship slot again (replicated zoom in camera issue)


Example used in my ship setup:


1st slot: Naga

2nd slot: Aura

3rd slot: Spark

4th slot: Rockwell


If that is still too much complex, I will make a video!

Okay, I did your steps.

I understand what you’re describing.


You’re not talking about the images of the layers in the background being blurred as your initial post lead to indicate.

You’re talking about the actual ZOOM LEVEL not being left at MAX SETTING when you click on a FRIGATE Class Ship in a Hanger Slot…


I replicated.  Yep.  On an occurrence with a Frigate, the ZOOM LEVEL gets reset to about 2/3 view instead of full zoom out and you have to zoom out some more to get the entire ship into the frame again.



Ill go out on a Development limb here and try and explain the reasons this could be so (if its not actually a bug).  I don’t believe it is one.  Here’s why.


There are times in Applications that everything works just fine (all other ships fit on the triangle dock) and then logic has to be accounted for something that doesn’t fit the norm.   By this, I mean that all the other ship sizes are “normal” and fit on the dock so the bulk of the code is written to process all of those using the same lines of logic, and just standard variables are shared that say to the logic the size and min and max of zoom permitted.


Now, How to account for “exceptions” to the norm, such as Frigates, their size is massave.   They even overhang the sides of the hanger triangle and if you look under them, there is an outcrop that juts upwards from the dock and pokes into the ship hull when a Frigate is docked, due to the massive size.   It doesn’t do that on the other ships.  Its like a retaining bar or something for the dock.  Its just a visual thing due to size.   but because of the Frigate Size, the exception is made to poke the dock into the massive ship.  (its at the read if you really want to know what I refer to.  On normal ships it doesn’t even touch the hull)


In logic, exceptions are made at times also.   One codes logic for the Norm, and then works in the exceptions.    So I would assume that what is happening with the ZOOM LEVEL when you bounce from Pad to Pad normally,  and onto a Frigate is this —  (Pseudo code example only.  I don’t have access to actual source code of the game.)


Normal Zoom Level set to 50% in the slots.

You slot normal ships and a single a non frigate and zoom out 

Zoom Level now 100% on the slots.

You click on the Frigate

Zoom Level is still 100% but the ship is an exceptional massive image

You zoom out more, and the logic sees that zoom level is an exception ship and allowed to be increased by 10% for frigates to permit the cam to move back the 10% more.

It would not allow it for the norms.

You click another slot with a norm ship.

Zoom Level is reset to 100% again since the normal logic sees the 110% value as exceeding the max it then plugs in the max value of zoom.  

Click the exception again and its already at 100% so it shows as is.

You then have to zoom out again to the 110% exception permitted.


That’s what I see in the Developer Mindset as I execute your steps to replicate.  The result is you believe the cam is at 100% all the time when its really not.  Its allowed to be overridden by exceptions then self corrects when back in the Norms… 


In all Applications there are exceptions to the normal flow of things.  A Software Designer does not implement the bulk of the logic for exceptions.  It would be a waste of System Resources.  What they do during initial Design Phases is gather all the common things and these become the Norm and the bulk of the logic is written to process them using shared resources.   Then the Exceptions are identified and special logic has to be designed to handle them.  The Coders then have an idea as to how to write the code.   Whether it be one coding team doing Normals and one doing Exception, one pass by a single team doing the norms first then exception — or both at the same time (3rd  type being very rare in development)


so what results is something along these lines in logic

(again its pseudo logic and not actual source and and syntax is being relaxed and in simplistic form for this discussion)



ZOOM = SAVED_ZOOM                                                                                ---- use the Users previous cam position saved

DO WHILE MAX_ZOOM *LT 100% AND *GT 1                                              ---- Dont allow zooms less or greater then cam can show while user is adjusting cam

     IF ZOOMING, ADD 1 TO ZOOM                                                               ---- User is zooming out, move the cam and track where it is

          IF ZOOM *GT 100% THEN ZOOM = 100%                                          ---- If User is try to move farther then max, cam sits at max distance

     IF SHIP_CLASS = “Frigate” ADD 1 TO ZOOM                                          ---- If the ship is massive, allow farther movement past normal max distance

          IF ZOOM *GT 110% THEN ZOOM = 110%                                          ---- If User is just stupid and still zooming, cap the users cam even for this.

END DO                                                                                                        ---- cam movement ends

SAVED_ZOOM = ZOOM                                                                               ---- save the user last cam position


In that simple example, the bulk of all normal ships would only be able to zoom out to 100% Max Zoom, but if the ship is a Frigate (exceptionally large ship) the logic will allow the camera to zoom out 10% more so the ship stays in full cam since only this class of ship is the exception and it zooms out to the 100% limit as Normal ships do then allowed to move the cam out a bit further due to exceptional size.  Coding for all ships to do this would result in the cam moving so far back that tiny ships would be dots on the hanger and posts being made that the cam moves out too far for ships. (Norms now exceptions and Exceptions the norm)


So with all that in mind, I don’t see what you say is being a “bug” per say.   I say you’ve located a bit of internal logic and focusing attention on it that deals with an exception that must be made for Frigate class ships on the Hanger Pads and thinking they are normal and everything exceptional must always work as all others do.


What will occur when even larger ships are allowed (the Cruiser class) that cant even fit in a hanger?  Larger hangers that dwarf normal ships?  No.  That would be poor design and resource usage again.  I would guess we see some more “exception Logic” designed to permit them to dock external of a pre existing “normal” Station.  Since they are not normal and not frigates.   Or maybe a new class of external dock.  One sort of gets the idea of the external dock anyway from visiting other sectors and seeing massive frames floating in space.   A good example of the frame type dock I’m referring to is sitting in space at Mendes Dock sector out by the burning transport spewing fuel.  (a 180 from the dock port door)  Its a framework without a hull shell.   So its conceivable to me to have existing objects in place already to support massive external docks for exceptionally large ships like a cruiser class.   Would doing so make it a bug for Hanger Logic (the Norm)?   No.   An Exception.

So, this won’t get fixed? Okay.