Force Shield renew + energy emitter

Discovered this in varius balltes. Force shield renew increases the shield energy in exchange for energy but energy emitter is able to produce more energy than force shield renew needs to operate. This way frigates can get infinite shield and become nearly immortal. You can see this by locking on a frig and see his energy bar bumping around 50%. This way frigs can easyly tank most of the incomming dmg and by activating adaptive shield armour you cant be killed either. This combination makes it far to hard to kill a frigate even by team focus. Also the cooldown for force shield renew is very short making it able to restart shortly after system knock down or the loss of all energy, giving the atteckers only a very short window to burst the frig down. Mostly the half of hull remains while shield gets up again.

I think this neads some tweaks.

Thanks for the report I think this should get some balance.