For the Invasion slogan comp

The Aliens bring war to our people. We will emerge victorious! Join the defence: Federation’s Honor and Glory will be yours!


Let the Aliens come…The Empire WILL strike back!


The Prophecies spoke of a great incursion on our Family. We will show them how the war ends.




I know it’s a bit late but it’s still the 28th here … It’s worth a try :slight_smile:


Other random ones:


Alien Transgressors: The only way is Extermination

They are ruthless assailants - We MUST fight back!

The Destroyers are coming…The unrelenting might of the Empire will prevail!

The plague comes to rest in pieces at our front door.

There is no retreat. Vanquish the biomorphs!

From the ashes of our fallen comrads rises a greater Empire. Once again we shall emerge vicorious!

Rejected/late slogan ideas thread? Let’s go.



  1. What is the sound of a thousand Biomorphs exploding? It is Mankind united against the green menace!


  1. The aliens may see us as a HINDRANCE. But we will make them pray for DELIVERANCE.

well i had three in mind, but they were more of an inside joke kind of thing so i actually did not post it there, so just ignore them at free will.


All your beacons are belong to us.

Take me to your Beacon.

Biomorph Bacon. Tasty fresh.

Well if rejected, it would still be a nice off-topic thread for ages if moved there. Good luck Rennie.

I was hoping they would make it so the invasion happens at random times, and everyone can join in.