Here are some fun things a bunch of us did last night! - Assuming you saw this the next day.


Reply with videos you have of other perspectives.


Directed by Michael Bay - now 20% cooler with comic sans.

“It was more epic than the flying speghetti monster!” ~walking ketchup bottle

“Putting missiles together is the next big hit” ~swimming baloney monster

This one wasn’t rendered correctly at first, no idea why. Skip to 3:05 to see what we were trying to do.

Octopus Frenzy


Nuclear Fallout


Skip to 2:30 for torps.

Torpedo Takeover


You will die by my warp


And finally, the long range torpedo


I want to see the octopus one from Kratos’s view.

I lawled at the recon one xD

I had so much fun with you all last night guys! Thanks :smiley:


make one with doomsday

We need to do the recon one with 10 people XD


I think the Octopus one is my favourite though!

Good times had by all last night. I’ll be uploading my perspectives later today, after I do some editing and put some appropriate music in.

Make one with an entire team of Attack drones. Like 30 drones all attacking at once. XD


you guys should invite me next time.


you guys should invite me next time.

as long as you use teamspeak

semas all like,



you guys should invite me next time.

That makes my weird growling thing sound even weirder.

this one has to be my fav. the voice of Kratos OMG! OMG! OMG! lol

We need to do this again :slight_smile: with MOAR people!!

We need to do this again :slight_smile: with MOAR people!!


definitely, that was too much fun. Definitely need to do firestorm, as well as nukes with far more people. Really everything again with more people. We should try for 23 shooting 1 guard.

23 shooting 1 guard.

Yes yes yes, lets do this!

Coil mortar frigball. Or em torp.