font color choice

Could it be possible to change the font color that display the gain of sinergy and credit after a battle. It hurt my eyes (and will eventually damage them) to have to read the blue font when near the white font. I understand you want to stress out the benefit of a premium account/licence but I cannot cope with the psychological aggression you have chosen (futher explanation in private if you want) and the way it tire my eye. I cannot stress it out.


The solution would be to have the white text be the text of the current licence statut, this way it will be easy to read the real gain of the game without damaging the eye. I understant you will still show the benefit of premium account licence to pressure player to buy them but in the blue color so has not to visually and psychologically aggress the player.


Could that be possible?

I’m not talking for the developer team but this wont happen.

I’m pretty sure Gekaler will come later in the day with an official amswer.