Focusing Laser--WTH?

Hi. Focusing laser is OP, stats below are based off atlas.


  • 464/hit
  • 60 rpm
  • 5% chance
  • 50% damage
  • 2950m range
  • 11 Overheat/2 cool down.


  • 703/hit
  • 60 RPM
  • 5% Chance
  • 100% damage
  • 500m-5000m(2571m/sec base increase so really 3000m range
  • 8.5 Overheat/1.3 cool down.

As stands Focusing is 51% more potent, has 50% more crit damage, and 1.8x the range at base, on a stingray with Demios you can get up and high, damage from afar and run away amassing about 6300 range w overheat ammo, on an orelus… I don’t need to say it. Ion emitter has a stack but you must fire on it constantly to deal that much damage and it doesn’t refresh if you overheat. It’s a useless bonus. I’ve seen so many people abusing focusing on Ghost and Orelus it’s not funny, need I mention ping also has an account on how you use the weapon. It needs a nerf.